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​​Eliminate Threats Lurking in Your Home!

As stated by the EPA, a recent study concludes that indoor pollution levels are "2-5 times worse than outdoors".

The AirborneMedic™ is Powered by Smartchip technology, which emits 20 Million Negative ions per second, suffocating 93% of germs, dust, and cigarette smoke in the air. Plus, eliminates 88.4% of lingering allergens in the environment, leaving an everlasting fresh area. 


  • Respiratory system safety: Long-term exposure to poor air quality can result in damage to our respiratory system, as our lungs gather more mucus which clogs the bronchiole tubes. Meaning, less quality oxygen passes through
  • Forest-like air quality: Do you know why the air inside a forest is soo good? Its because there is an abundance of negatively charged ions that are good for our wellbeing. Our  AirborneMedic™ emits 20 Million per second so you can mimic your very own little timber world.
  • Easy to use: Simply plug it into the wall, switch it on, and allow the air around you to freshen up. 
  • Quiet while in operation:  S1 chip technology quietens down any robotic noise projecting from the device. 
  • No hassle with changing filters: 10 minutes of charge allows for a full 2 hours of usage.


Due to high demand, order may take 2 weeks to arrive. Please email: if you have aay questions.

  • Hassle-Free Exchanges

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    Reach out to us at and we'll give you a full refund.